Wednesday, 9 February 2011 it's been a while...

Yeah. Three months. Oops.

I guess a mixture of ambivalence and business probably combined to make me not update, though that could just be me making excuses. Either way, I guess I forgot that I wanted to keep a record of what I was doing here so I can look back and see what an idiot I was reminisce in the future. I should keep doing that, only for the sake of having this to jog the good memories back when I can't quite remember them a few years down the line.

Anyway, I'll give a summation of what's being going on in the last three months today, then begin updating again properly in the next couple of days. And this time I intend to keep doing it - got a few people over here that are going to badger me if I don't. Right...

On a professional level

At the school, I continued in pretty much the same routine up until 24th December, which is when everyone left for their Winter Break. It turns out the WB is in fact nearly 6 weeks long(!), but us Native English teachers don't have all that time off. Instead, we do something called 'Winter Camp', which is basically extra lessons for those children in both of my schools that sign up for them.  So, after two weeks off I rocked up at Naesu and Ochang again in mid-January for two weeks of Winter Camp. It's all very informal - most days I dressed down, as did the students - and the lessons were largely made up of activities that I had composed, as it was largely my show - sometimes my coteachers were around, but for the most part I was by myself in the making and executing of the lessons. Having done the PGCE this didn't prove to be much of an issue, however finding new material when your students are bored of playing Word Jumble (topic: weather) 100 times did prove to be a little challenging, but I had some help from friends on that score and got through it. Even got to find the Korean subtitles for Stardust and showed that on the last day, which the students really enjoyed.

After that, I got another week of freedom, which pretty much brings me up to where I am now - ready to get back to the normal routine.

On a social level

It's been an interesting few months on that score. Made a few new friendships, and my existing ones have become much stronger, because I've gotten to know people so much better these past few months. Also, I've gotten to know where more of the good food places are (Pearl Jam) and where the cheapest drinks and best pool table is (MJ's), both of which are in Chungdae so are easily accessible. So normally on a Friday or Saturday night you'll find me in one of those places, whiling the night away. I feel that it's good that I'm getting out a fair bit, and I definitely look forward to my weekends! Throw in the Xmas/New Year bash that was extremely good, and there have been some good times.

On a personal level

Well, the honeymoon period ended around mid-December. Yep, it was good while it lasted, but I finally did get tired of all the new stuff, and developed a weariness towards my job and location. However, this didn't last too long before developing once again into what it is now - a smooth routine. I'm enjoying the job enough to keep going in the same groove for as long as I have to, and there's enough great people around me to enjoy the location until it's time to go home too. In short - I'm settled on a personal and emotional level.

Of course, I'm single again, but there you go.

So, that's a brief summary of the last three months for you. Now, I've got to get day-to-day life back on here too. Hopefully another update will follow soon, this time focussing on current events!

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  1. Yay an update! Now keep with it so I have something to read when I go back to NZ. ^^